The Music of Junk

Past  Performances

The ACT Arts Centre, Maple Ridge, BC

Saturday, December 2, 2017 at 3:30PM

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The Charles-Bailey Theatre, Trail, BC

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 7:30PM

The Massey Theatre, New Westminster, BC

Saturday, October 1, 2016  at  2PM

(1,260 seats)

The Waterfront Theatre, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

November 18 - 22, 2015

(220 seats)

The Telus World of Science

October 10, 2015

The Vancouver Fringe Festival

September 4 - 14, 2014


“Want to be amazed? See Junk, a musical with instruments made from junk”


“Junk! is littered with catchy ballads, toe-tapping tunes and stirring melodies, delivered flawlessly by its sonorous cast…There’s lots happening onstage, as each artist expertly wields their meticulously crafted instrument while belting out pleasing tunes ”


“Take the kids, grandkids, teenagers, parents”


“…the musicians and arrangements are solid…”


“This musical was well-delivered: the actors sang, played musical instruments and even danced. I predict this will be one of the picks of the Fringe, and I hope this musical with its message goes on tour around the world.”


Comments On The Show

“Totally amazing. “

“Love it! “

“Soooo much fun, a wonderful show! “

“Perfect in every way!! Beautiful music, performance and lyrics!!! Absolutely fantastic!!!! Well done!! We loved every minute!!!“

“What an enjoyable show. Unique. Q and A was a great idea too.”

“Last night I took my 2 big kids over to Granville Island to check out The Music of Junk playing at Waterfront Theatre. They absolutely loved it and enjoyed the show from start to finish. A musical instrument made out of an old bicycle..what?!!
If you are looking for something fun and local to take your family to this weekend then GO and see this show.“

“Loved the show!“

“My friends and I LOVED the performance! So original and creative and engagingJ“

“My favs were the saw and the car hood. I want to get drums into my house now more than ever!! “

“What an incredible experience, it floored me, then lifted me up. “

“This gal [lead singer] is super talented and has an incredible voice, was so lovely to see her performan again J“

“Caught this amazing man’s show last night. All I can say is WOW! “

“This was one of the most amazing shows I’ve seen! “

“Can’t wait to see it! Last year’s show left me wanting more! “

“Loved the show! “

“This was such an awesome interview on CBC and playing of the junk instruments. Good job Paul J“

“Lots of fun with crazy instruments made with junk. I would definitely recommend this! “

“Music of Junk! Tonight was so fun! Great show! “


“That was an amazing & inspiring show! The kids really loved it! Would love to have the soundtrack one day! “

“My girlfriend Carly loved the show so much she’s coming to see it again, and bringing her parents tonight from Deep Cove. “

“Awesome photos and awesome show. Congrats and here is to much more with The Music of Junk, look forward to it J“

“Amazing show! So much energy. We enjoyed it immensely – we were totally immersed – the time flew by and it was over…“

“We’re still feeling the effects of the show today! Energized & inspired! Awesome achievement! “

“Great show last night Paul. Truly amazing experience for the eyes and ears. “

“Congratulations! Great show! “

“Vancouver is very innovative. Actually very inspiring show.”

“Yes, that’s right, a stand up bass made out of a wheelbarrow and an electric guitar made out of a sled. Good times at The Music of Junk”

“The Music of Junk at Waterfront Theatre. That was a true inspiration. Music actually is happening everywhere by everything.ステージ上の楽器は全てゴミからできている。それを楽しむ心さえあれば、音楽は形式や楽器の値段に囚われなくてよいのね。ふむふむ”

“Amazed at The Music of Junk, all these crazy instruments made of junk create beautiful sounds!

“That’s so cool. It was amazing!”

“Oh so cool!”

“We went on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a full house and an 
appreciative audience as they deserved!”