The Music of Junk

Orcas Center Master Class, Orcas Island, Washington, USA

Theatre Seminar

Intended audience: Musicians, Music students, Technology students, elementary, high-school and university/college students


Description: The daytime seminar for The Music of Junk  is a 90-minute talk about sound principles and how to build instruments out of junk and recycled materials, using the instruments of The Music of Junk as examples. The seminar is hosted by Paul Snider who built all the instruments and can explain the scientific principles of why they make sound. Paul describes how the instruments were built, the failures that led to the successes, and demonstrates the instruments. He also explains how he put together this orchestra of instruments made from junk and recycled materials.


The Music of Junk is a music show performance of original music played on instruments built from junk and recycled materials. The seminars take place in the same theatre and with the same instruments on stage that are used in the evening performances.


School Workshops

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