The Music of Junk

The Barrow Bass

Upright bass built from a wheel barrow, hockey stick, pieces of metal and wood and a boot and wiring to hold the strings in place

The Saxycle

Saxophone-type instrument built from the front end of a bicycle.

The Xyladder

The 'xylophone ladder', or Xyladder, is built in the shape of a ladder is made from scrap pieces of wood and shaped like a ladder. It is played upright, and each note is suspended using Velcro so it resonates when it is struck

The Glube

The 'glockenspiel tube instrument', or Glube, is made up of tuned pieces of flexible piping, cut to the right length to resonate for a given note. It is played striking the tube at various positions to give different sounds on a particular note

The Tincello

The 'cello made of tin', or the Tincello, is made from a tin garbage can, PVC tubing, and a computer board to hold the strings in place. A tie and wiring keep the strings tight at the bottom of the instrument

The Recycolin

The 'recycled violin', or the Recycolin, is a violin made from scrap plywood, paper mache, and an old baseball bat. The design of the resonating chamber allows for more resonance to be heard

The Reuseolin

A violin-type instrument made from dryer vents, an old smoked salmon box, and a field hockey stick

The Wine Glass Harp

The wine glass harp is a series of wine glasses tuned by adding water to the glass, played by sliding a finger around the brim of the glass

The Trash Set

This percussive drum set is made of recycled metals, wood, pails, cooking utensils, a cane, a computer casing, a kitchen sink, a bicycle frame, silverware and more trash that have different resonances when struck

The Copper Vibraphone

A vibraphone built from old copper tubing, old wood planks, and string

The Flair Machine

A series of FLute/recorder-type instruments built from PVC tubes, powered by an AIR foot pump

The Musical Sled

A child's sled built into a single-stringed slide guitar

The Bottle Harp

The bottle harp is a series of bottles tuned by adding water to the bottle, and played by blowing over the mouth of the bottle

The Garbuitars

Various guitars made from old wood, hub caps, an old telephone, old guitar necks and various pieces of trash to hold the body together

The Sleeping Harp

A harp-type instrument built from an old bed frame found at the side of the road

The Grumpet

The 'garden hose trumpet', or Grumpet, is built simply from a garden hose and funnel, played using a trumpet mouthpiece

The Tube Tower and Tube Table

The tube tower and tube table are instruments built from a series of hard, PVC tubes cut to the proper length to resonate for a particular note, played by striking the top of the tubes

The Oil Drum

An old recycled oil drum, played with timpani mallets  by striking the top of the drum

The PVC Flute

Flute-type instrument made by drilling holes in a PVC pipe

The Musical Saw

Sounds made by bowing the edge of a saw, and changing the pitch of the notes produced by bending the saw

The Crash

Shaking a thin sheet of metal to produce the sound of a crash cymbal

The Autodrum

A timpani drum built from the front end of a 1999 Honda Accord automobile

The Ballagpipes

Balloon-bagpipes which are a bagpipe-type instrument made from PVC pipes, powered by the air of balloons, using a garbage bag plastic piece as the vibrating reed

The Glovobone

A trombone-style instrument made from plastic piping using a rubber glove as the vibrating reed to make a sound